Evolving my blog

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It’s been a long time since I read a novel which I felt like I absolutely had to review, especially since leaving the Bookstagram and YA communities. I feel as though my reviews would pass people by and people would ignore it rather than feel eager to read them, as they once had. I am under no delusion, though. I am a reviewer who receives tens of readers, rather than hundreds and thousands, but that still does not make me feel anything less than proud of the blog that I have created. The tens of you who read my blog are among my favourite people, and I am incredibly thankful for all of you, for helping me make my blog into a little, undiscovered, private world that few people are aware of.

I’ve made some decisions about the future of this blog now that I am getting ready to attend university.


I still want to write my reviews, and the reviews that I have written previously are not going to go anywhere. People have told me that they love my reviews because I am honest, and because I am not afraid to criticise books that people love coughThroneofGlasscough. People have said that they like the way that my voice comes through. That they feel like they are connected to someone when they read my reviews. And, I do not want that to end. But, rather than expressing my love and distaste for YA, I would like to show you all the other novels in the world, the novels that have helped me further my love for this art form. I want to show you the genres that have inspired me and shaped the person that I am today.

I don’t think I will ever be the kind of blogger who gets sent books for free from publishers, or who becomes best friends with authors. I also don’t think I will become the kind of blogger who becomes a Youtuber in the hopes that they will gain a following and get given these wonderful opportunities that I can only dream of. Instead, I would like to be the kind of blogger who reads the books that you recommend to me, the books that shape you and make you smile, or make you cry, or make you feel warm on a cold, wintery day. That’s what I want this blog to become, moving forward. I am not the same sixteen year old girl who started this blog.


For nearly two years now, all this blog has been is a source for reviews, and the occasional tag that no one invited me to do, but I did anyway because I wanted to look like those great bloggers who have plenty blogger friends. I have always aspired to be a writer, and it’s what I hope to study at university. And, despite all of this, I have always felt like this blog could not become as personal as sharing my writing with you all. I am so afraid of being told that I am ‘not good enough’ or ‘not as good as [insert author’s name here]’ that I have never dared to share my passion with the people who have stuck by this blog for a long time.

Every aspiring writer has an inspiration, or two, or seven. And, every aspiring writer is afraid of being told that they will never be good enough to see their writing on a shelf next to something by their idols. For me, that’s Stephen King. I have idolised and adored King ever since I picked up IT 5 years ago, and yet I have always been too afraid of nobody caring to share a review or any of my writing that is inspired by King’s IT.

However, I would like to banish that fear from my life. I would like to share some of my fiction with you all, because I trust you.


This might sound daft, but I’ve always felt like there was something missing from this blog, and I’ve had this floating around in my head for quite some time. To avoid this blog getting too serious, and to keep my own personality flowing through every piece you read, I want to recommend tea to go with every post. What’s the point in being called ‘Tea and Book Reviews’ if I don’t recommend you a good cuppa? That’s the northern girl in me coming out.


I want to know you better. I want you to be as much of a part of this blog as I am. I know you guys don’t usually comment on my blog, and that’s fine. I’ve said I have no aspirations to being blog famous. This blog is catharsis for me. Sometimes you just need to write, and that’s what this blog is for. Writing. Expressing my passions. Showing the world what makes me happiest, because I don’t really have many people to discuss it with in my circle of friends. And I’d like you to become my circle of friends, even if you don’t talk to me very often. I feel comfortable talking at you.

I don’t expect many people to have read this, but if you have, then I am grateful for you. So grateful. I hope you’re as excited for the new era of my blog as I am, and I really hope you choose to go on this journey with me!

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