An Introduction to Flashing

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After a long, long absence, I have decided that this blog needed a revamp. Maybe 16 year old me was interested in reviewing books, 20 year old me is far more inspired by the act of writing. Throughout the years I have tried and tried to revive this blog because I used to take so much pride in it, but now I think that it deserves a change. Instead of leaving it to gather dust in the back drawers of the Internet, I want to bring it back to life.

And we’re going to do that through flashing!

What is flashing? Flashing is a very short form of fiction, usually in a few hundred words. I’m not really sure what the actual number is, but I work with between 360-500 words.

16 year old me would’ve thought this was impossible, but 20 year old me adores the conciseness. I love the brevity, the economic use of words. It’s challenging and seems impossible at first, but it’s like a drug. I’m addicted.

The plan is to post my flashes here, ones that I take pride in the most. I would love to start sharing other people’s flashes too, and curate a site filled with incredible flashes from as many people as possible. I would still like to post reviews, since that was how this blog began, but I’ve made empty promises about that in the past and I don’t think I want to promise anything again. Maybe a book will inspire me to write again, but there’s no guarantee.

Hopefully, this will bring a new life to my blog. I think it could be something really special!

Chat to you soon


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